Tuesday, December 15, 2009

day 49

i spent many an hour dealing with music and the blog yesterday
but failed to record a new track

today i recorded 3 guitar pieces
the 3rd i split into two
so now there are four

the first two are for the herb

some belated birthday melodies

part three and four i found myself drifting off to the land of the redwoods
soon come
soon come

day 49prt1_those bygone days.mp3">
day 49prt2_elasticity in nature.mp3">
day 49prt3_benign entropy.mp3">
day 49prt4_application of an arbitrary idea.mp3"> 

Sunday, December 13, 2009

day 48

sunday i decided to re-record the trumpet ideas
this time less distortion

i recorded it with an actual microphone
and an actual 4track

a little bit more delicious this way i think
the tones can kindof crawl up inside your ear and get cozy

day 48prt1_sunrise on the sahara.mp3">
day 48prt2_modern day shepard.mp3"> 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

day 47

saturday i fooled around with this little toy guitar
nylon strings with a microphone inside
plugged it through two loop boxes
then an amp
the result is atonal and arhythmical
and trance inducing
quite possibly crazy inducing too
depending on your current state of being

the fourth part is an overblown recording of some trumpet drone loops
it seems the iphone doesn't pic up those sort of frequencies very well
i kinda like the distortion though

day 47prt1_dr sound meets his maker.mp3">
day 47prt2_a wish is granted.mp3">
day 47prt3_first day with the new legs.mp3">
day 47prt4_breathing buildings into being.mp3">

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

day 46


it seems i've all but given up on the idea of an everyday musical journal

the purity was lost the moment i stopped recording and uploading the same day

then i started skipping recording

now it's been a whole week

i did record one night this past week
and saturday too

i will post it all later tonight

i think i will still maintain this thing
but i don't see me being able to consistently keep this up every day

music wasn't as fun anymore
it became a chore

the challenge of coming up with new ideas all the time is amazing
but the obligation of it all
even though it was self imposed
gave me a sort of anxiety
i put undue pressure on myself

i think i just need a different perspective of the whole thing
i am posting 4 bits that i had recorded wednesday night
two on acoustic guitar
and two on a non-amplified electric guitar that has a customized sitar bridge
all four seem a bit frantic and hyper
floating in and out and around some interesting ideas i think

day 46prt1_a day at the races.mp3">
day 46prt2_the hunter and the hunted.mp3">
day 46prt3_reluctant transcendence.mp3">
day 46prt4_dancing for the dead.mp3">

Friday, December 4, 2009

day 45

i hadn't plugged the up banjo in quite a while

the loop that's in the background was just intended to be a test so i could setup the mic and whatnot

then i clicked it to half speed
and then reverse
and there you have it
a little noodling on top and i call it a day

day 45.mp3">

Thursday, December 3, 2009

day 44

revisiting the sounds from tuesday's session with justin
i am bowing a large spring that is stretched out between two hooks on a 2x4 and amplified with a woodwind tuner(cheap pickup)
then i ran that through a couple looping boxes
and the result is quite sublime for some
and i could imagine horrifying to others
and i'm sure there's even humans out there who have no opinion whatsoever

day 44.mp3">

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

day 43

wednesday found me noodling with the guitar again
gathered around 30 minutes of recordings
narrowed it down to 12 or so
in 4 parts

i think i am most partial to the 2nd part
today anyway

day 43 prt1.mp3">
 day 43 prt2.mp3">
day 43 prt3.mp3">
day 43 prt4.mp3">